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        God Bless The Enneagram Podcast Episode 1 – What is the Enneagram and Why Should I Care?

        December 12, 2018

        We finally broadcasted a podcast episode! We say “finally” because it’s been about nine years in the works. We’ve been talking about the Enneagram and how it can truly create lasting change in people’s lives, and we decided that a joint podcast would be the most tangible, effective way to reach out to people who are either long-steeped in the Enneagram, or who haven’t heard of it yet. We’re excited to share our thoughts with our listeners. Gina and I are by no means experts in all things Enneagram, but we have been walking alongside each other on this journey to self-awareness and, ultimately, self-actualization for many years. And we want everyone in the world to be touched by its magic and potential for lasting change and emotional and personal healing.

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        With love, Kristy & Gina